House of Hope
Serving orphans & widows in the name of Jesus Christ

House of Hope's Mission

As followers of Jesus Christ, our hearts are drawn to providing homes for those living in extreme poverty, especially our fellow believers. House of Hope is a ministry that has been formed to build houses in Honduras for those suffering without even the most basic comforts. Our primary focus is building homes for widows and orphans.

Our greatest desire is to share the gospel in regions where the enemy has bound people for generations - and to see Jesus bring liberty and hope to those held captive. But we also understand that it is essential to demonstrate the gospel in practical ways to those suffering without adequate shelter. For without practical demonstrations of His love, the gospel can easily be viewed as a powerless religion.

One hundred percent of your donations to House of Hope will be used to build homes for the needy in Honduras. In special cases, funds may be used to repair a home that is still functional but is in need of repair. The directors of this ministry and any construction supervisors pay all their personal expenses. This includes but is not limited to; air fare, transportation, food, lodging or medical care. This ministry does not assist or reimburse directors/volunteers with any costs associated with the construction of homes or any other labor associated with this ministry.

We retain the use of a Honduran lawyer for all legal documentation. This lawyer ensures that all land is owned legally, the current taxes are paid and the property is free of liens. We also retain the use of a local contractor who obtains building permits, makes recommendations and obtains quality building materials at the best price.